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The struggles of the less-than-fortunate are a truth that many people must accept – but it does not necessarily mean that they must simply live with the burden of being mediocre and plain. In JacksonReviews, being average means that there is still someone you could be and something you could be a part of.

The choice is in your hands – whether it is staying healthy or being better, JacksonReviews believes that choosing healthy is already the first step to being better.

The Editorial Team

Dr. Kevin Jackson

Editor-in-Chief; Senior Executive Director of the Content Planning Team

Kevin was once a professor in a prestigious university handling clinical courses and complementary medicine electives. His experience in conventional and supportive healthcare has allowed JacksonReviews to be inclusive of all healthcare means to maximize the information and options you could obtain from our content. In his free time, he likes to explore museums and historical sites to remind him of the progress of our society.

Joan Maldonado

Senior Editor

Joan has always been an excellent contributor to the content pool of JacksonReviews for five years now. Still, her skill in creating extremely accurate and exciting articles has always made her stand out above the rest. She is currently situated in Washington and is communicating with the team through virtual means. Her passion for writing was also jumpstarted with her first-grade poetry writing competition, in which she was crowned the champion even at such a young age.

Stuart Watson

Senior Editor; Head of the Marketing Team

With an impressive background as a Business Administration undergraduate and a part of the editorial team of various prestigious magazines, Stuart knows content delivery like the back of his hand. He is currently planning to write a book about content planning to help aspiring writers with their careers. His contributions have always made JacksonReviews come out on top, but we are confident that he would be even more significant in the next few years with his continuous training.