Bathmate Review: Tips, Results, Where To Buy

Although most people say that it’s the performance that matters and not the size when it comes to sex, most men cannot help but feel a little insecure with small or average penis size.

Although there are numerous penile enhancer pills and supplements available in the market today, they do not really give visible results. In order to increase the size of the penis, a high-quality and reliable penis pump, when used properly, will really make wonders.

Bathmate is the world’s most popular and most trusted penis enlargement device today, thanks to its state-of-the-art design and the innovative mechanism that is very easy to use but guarantees to give excellent results.

Bathmate has helped thousands of men around the world for more than five years now, and this amazing product is not showing any signs of stopping anytime soon. In just a few weeks of use, Bathmate promises to give men a longer and thicker penis a safe, easy, and effective way.

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Variety of Versions for Everyone

The Bathmate Penis Enlargement device has six different versions, but all of them use the same innovative technology in increasing the length and girth of the penis.

Unlike most penis pumps in the market that uses air, Bathmate utilizes water as its pumping agent, making it almost 250% more effective. This results in an evenly distributed pressure around the penis and a comfortable and painless pumping procedure.

All six versions of Bathmate have water release valves in the tip, readable measurement scales in the surface, and specially designed gaiters, in the end, that act as the device’s sealant against the pubic bone.

All models are self-contained and they don’t have extra parts (with the exception of the HydroMax Xtreme models which come with a separate hand pump).

  1. Hercules — the first and original version of BathMate, the Hercules has a standard size, which is perfect for guys whose penis length reaches up to 7” while erect. The pump can accommodate up to 8.5” in length and 6.7” in girth as the maximum.
  2. HydroMax X30 — the HydroMax series of BathMate has an improved valve system and bellows for faster results. The X30 has the same size and capacity as the Hercules.
  3. HydroMax X20 — the introductory version of BathMate, good for guys with average-sized penis or 6” max length when erect. HydroMax X20 can accommodate up to 7.5” in length and 5.5” in girth as the maximum.
  4. HydroMax X40 — this version is a little bigger compared to the X30 and is a better choice for guys with a maximum of 9” penis length when erect. The X40 allows an increase of up to 10” in length and 7.9” in girth.
  5. Goliath — the perfect penis pump for the gifted, the Goliath is the largest penile enlargement device in the world today. This version is designed for men whose penis measures more than 9” when erect and allows a maximum capacity of up to 10.5” long and 9” thick.
  6. HydroMax Xtreme — the newest BathMate series is an improved version of the X30 (called Xtreme X30) and the X40 (called Xtreme X40). The HydroMax Xtreme series comes with a hand pump and a hose for a more convenient pumping procedure.

Benefits of Bathmate

The Bathmate Penis Enlargement device has been proven to provide exceptional and visible results. BathMate can really increase the length and the girth of the penis and results are visible in as fast as 15 minutes. With continued use, BathMate can add up to 3” additional length to the penis and make it up to 2” thicker.

Moreover, this breakthrough equipment also improves the look and shape of the penis. Since the pump encases the whole penis, the increase in girth will apply in the whole length of the penis shaft. This also prevents the penis from bending, giving it a straight and attractive shape.

Professionals and doctors have also commended the BathMate for its medical benefits. The majority of users say that they enjoy rock hard erections for longer periods of time because of the pump, thus boosting their confidence and helping them perform better in bed.

Some have claimed that the BathMate pump has fully or partially cured their urinary incontinence, a painful and embarrassing medical condition that is common to older men. There was even a story from an English couple saying that BathMate cured the guy’s infertility so they were able to conceive a baby.

Customer service is a top priority for BathMate. Orders are shipped in discreet packages to ensure the privacy of their customers, and a dedicated customer support hotline is available 24/7. To make it even more irresistible, BathMate offers a simple and hassle-free 60-day money-back guarantee for dissatisfied customers.

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Bathmate Review: The Verdict

A safe and easy to use device that delivers foolproof results 100% of the time, the BathMate Penis Enlargement device is definitely highly recommendable equipment for men who desire and deserve to get more out of their manhood.