Jes Extender Review – Just How Good Is The Original Extender?

There is a new extender in town, and it’s Jes!

The Jes Extender uses cytokinesis, or the body’s ability to divide and multiply cells, to stretch the tissues and muscles of your penis.

These muscles and tissues grow until you notice that your penis has become longer and more prominent.

And who wouldn’t want to have a longer and bigger cock?

Any hot-blooded male dreamed of having one. It’s not only a prize among men but considers it your trophy for women.

These days, even science cooperates in fulfilling your long-awaited dream. The Jes Extender is here to solve your penis woes.

What is Jes Extender?

The Jes Extender is highly popular today, simply because it is the best traction device. It uses continuous traction to help increase the size and length of your member.

Created in Denmark years ago, the Jes Extender continues to amaze customers worldwide because of its durability and effectiveness.

Through advertisements in men’s magazines, Jes Extender became known among many men.

However, the impressive and robust marketing strategy was not enough to gather more clients – the Net had to intervene.

Thanks to the customers who have tried the device, more people know about the Jes Extender.

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How Does Jes Extender Work?

This excellent device gently stretches the penis to the maximum length possible (12, 3). To use it, simply hold your penis in place and attach a clamp or a rod from the Jes Extender.

The device has two rods and a slide lock. The rods extend from a ring, which you can find at the base of your dick.

In the past, the Jes Extender used a nylon noose. But according to customers, such material was unsafe and uncomfortable for them.

Thanks to the wonders of science and technology, the Jes Extender is more comfortable to use. However, wearing the device for too long could cause undesirable effects. For beginners, three hours a day is enough.

Because of the tension exerted on your member, your cells there divide and multiply (also known as cytokinesis). This is then seen in the penis itself when it has grown bigger and longer.

However, you have to be patient to see lasting results. Usually, it would take two to three months to see permanent outcomes. During that period, your penis size would increase by 24%.

To use the device, position your penis through the base ring and adjust the rods. Next, place the head of your penis through the silicone band and adjust the traction force to start stretching your penis. Just make sure that you are comfortable with the amount of force you use.

If you have adjusted to the three-hour per period, add more hours. You can wear Jes Extender for 6 to 12 hours a day.

An added bonus: the device has a discreet nature so people wouldn’t know that you are wearing the device. You can wear it anywhere and anytime. You can even use it while you are sleeping.

The manufacturer ships to various countries including but not limited to Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, and others.

You can even avail of their special packages and bonuses if you purchase from their website. The device also comes with a money-back guarantee, so your money won’t go to waste in case you don’t see the results you are expecting.

Benefits and Cons of Jes Extender

The Jes Extender is very easy and comfortable to use. You wouldn’t feel any pain. It’s one of the oldest traction devices in the market, so it’s trusted by a lot of consumers already.

It does produce solid results! It is not noticeable by people so you could even wear it to your meetings. No need to feel embarrassed about it.

Plus you’ll get discounts and other freebies when you purchase directly from the company’s website.

The con, however, is that the results vary from person to person. You wouldn’t see results overnight. You have to use the device regularly to ensure permanent results.

What Customers are Saying

A lot of people are very happy with the Jes Extender. They really recommend it because it is backed by a lot of scientific evidence. It’s totally safe and efficient to use, too.

It fits all guys of any size. Why rely on cheap products when the Jes Extender is ready to help you out?

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Jes Extender Review: Final Words

The right time has come for you to try this product. Check out their website and read the user manual and FAQ page.

Marvel at the customer reviews and photos online. Indeed, the Jes Extender walks the talk.

Buy now and see the difference. You will not only have a bigger and longer penis, but you will also have a better life and relationship.

Say goodbye to your small dick with the Jes Extender! Buy one now!