Male Edge Review

Male Edge is one of the fastest-rising brands of penis extenders/stretchers in the market today, has surpassed many of the more established brands regarding market share.

Nevertheless, the company behind this revolutionary and non-invasive male enhancement method is not exactly what you can call a novice.

Male Edge is designed and manufactured by the same company behind Jes Extender, the first medical-grade penis extender released in the market almost two decades ago.

This product is intended for men who are looking for an effective way to increase their manhood in length and girth. However, it is also a clinically approved device to treat Peyronie’s disease or curved penis.

By principle, penis extenders, in general, are the only scientifically proven and medically accredited male enhancers today. Nevertheless, results may vary from person to person, depending on the manner of using the device on a daily basis.

According to the manufacturer’s report, it has three main benefits that every man may feel happy about.

  • Longer penis – It increases the length by 28% in six months.
  • Bigger girth – It increases girth by 19% in six months.
  • Straighter penis – It improves penis curvature by as much as 90% in three to six months.

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How Does Male Edge Work?

Like all penis extenders, Male Edge works by stimulating cell division through a process called cytokinesis.

By applying traction to the penis, the penile tissues get microscopic tears that are too minute even to cause pain or visible damage.

As these tears heal, the cells also regenerate, which results in growth.

The penis has to be inserted into the device and be strapped in place, both at the base and head of the penis.

This has to be done carefully following the guide as strapping the penis may cause pain when done wrong.

The pressure is adjusted according to what the user can take, although first-time users are advised to start with 1,200 grams while advanced users can apply as much as 2,800 grams.

Most experts believe that at least 2,200 grams of pressure are needed to induce cytokinesis, but beginners have to start with the lowest pressure for at least two weeks to avoid getting discomfort and pain in the long run.

Likewise, using Male Edge needs some getting used to. Many advanced users can live their normal daily routines without getting bothered by Male Edge stretching their penis for hours.

Results may be visible only when the penis is at its flaccid state at first. After three months, the results may also be visible even when the penis is in its erected state.

All the changes achieved after that are permanent, but users may still want to use Male Edge from time to time for good measure.

The product itself is safe and effective. Human error can significantly change how it works though, so every user has to be religious in wearing it and should adjust the pressure and elongation bar length according to need.

There is no doubt that Male Edge is one of the best penis extenders to consider.

However, it is far from being a perfect product, with some pros and cons that come with every package.

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  • Effective – The time it needs to show results varies, but it is proven effective nevertheless. A man with a six-inch-long penis can have 1.6 inches more in a matter of six months. 
  • Lightweight ­– What makes wearing a penis extender a hassle for many people is the weight. With Male Edge, weight is no longer a problem as all parts are made from plastic. You can wear it at work, in malls, or the house without feeling awkward and uncomfortable. 
  • Fashionable – It is not that you have to show it to anybody, but Male Edge is just more stylish compared to other penis extenders out there. The dominant colors are black, green, and gray. 
  • Discreet – Because it is made of plastic, it is also not as bulky as its predecessor, which is exactly what most men want. 
  • Double-money-back guarantee – Men who will not see any result in the use of Male Edge can have double than what they have paid for.


  • Questionable built – Surprisingly, the most significant doubt surrounding Male Edge is not its effectiveness but its built. Many users are wondering if the plastic material can deliver the maximum pressure and stretch without snapping. 
  • Expensive – The basic package starts at $149.99, but even that is more expensive than some established penis extenders today. 
  • Few accessories – To be fair with Male Edge, every package contains all the accessories every user will ever need. It is just that each package can be improved by adding more options.

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male edge review

Male Edge Price

Male Edge comes in three packages. The basic package that contains the extender and one rubber strap is sold for $149.99.

The extra package sold for $174.99 comes with two extra rubber straps and a protection pad in addition to the basic package.

The pro package, which is sold for $199.99, comes with the extender, four extra rubber straps, a gauze, two protection pads, and an instructional DVD.

Male Edge is a cutting-edge male enhancement product that first-time users should definitely consider. This is effective and convenient to use, but its durability is still an issue.