Male Extra Review

There are so many health supplements out in the market today, and some of them target men’s penis concerns. Either these pills promise to make your member larger or give you lasting orgasms in bed.

But do all of these products deliver what they promise?

Maybe not. One thing is for sure, though: Male Extra is not your average health supplement.

Male Extra has gained a lot of media and customer attention because it walks the talk – it is effective, safe, and natural. The manufacturers of Male Extra also know how to take care of their customers – they provide 24-hour support and offer a 60-day money-back guarantee for unsatisfied clients.

The Product

male extra

Male Extra was created for the alpha male. It was designed to give men longer, better, and harder erections and to eventually cure erection problems.

Furthermore, Male Extra keeps bedroom action exciting because it provides you with an enhanced sexual drive. You will also notice that you have more orgasms than usual. Male Extra is definitely the complete package for the Renaissance man.

You can buy genuine Male Extra only through their Official Site.

How It Works

Contrary to what its detractors say, Male Extra DOES work. Why not, when it is made from natural ingredients that do not give adverse effects to your body? All that you’ll ever get from Male Extra is an unforgettable sex.

With Male Extra, expect the following:

  • Better ejaculation: No more premature ejaculations for you and your partner. Instead, enjoy lasting pumps and orgasms.
  • Better, longer, and harder erections: You will be more than ready for bedroom action, thanks to Male Extra. The ingredients aid in giving you harder erections that will not only satisfy you and your partner but will also make you sustain hours of sex.
  • Money-back guarantee: Unhappy customers need not sulk, for they would get a 180-day money-back guarantee. This is how professional the folks at Male Extra are! This isn’t just about the money, but overall customer satisfaction.


Natural ingredients and the manufacturer’s unique formulation of Male Extra pills make it possible for the health supplement to deliver satisfying results.

These ingredients will not cause any adverse effects on your body unless you are advised by your doctor not to take Male Extra.

  • L-Arginine 500 mg: This ingredient provides a sufficient amount of nitric oxide to your system, thus giving you harder and better erections. It also pumps more blood to your penis.
  • Pomegranate 500 mg: Male Extra contains the highest percentage of pomegranate (70%), which accounts for the product’s efficacy. Pomegranate is also one of the ingredients that fight erection problems and heart diseases, thanks to the rich antioxidants it contains.
  • Flaxseed 50 mg: This is an essential fatty acid that helps improve your potency and the overall health of your sperm.
  • Muira Pauma 150 mg: Like L-Arginine, Muira Pauma gives you better erections. It also enhances your libido.
  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) 100 mg: It repairs your tired muscles and gets you back in the game.
  • Epimedium Sagittatum 50 mg: This increases your blood flow in your penis shaft.


Male Extra promises to provide the following benefits to its customers:

  • It is infused with natural and herbal ingredients that ensure the efficacy of the product. These ingredients do not result in side effects, so there is nothing to worry about when taking the pill twice a day.
  • Regular consumption of Male Extra will give you quick and lasting results.
  • Expect harder and better erections. No need for penis extenders!
  • You will start enjoying orgasms, especially now that you wouldn’t feel tired of bedroom action.
  • You may get your money back if you don’t see results (which, I think, will not really happen!)
  • The customer service is excellent. All of your inquiries pertaining to the product will be entertained.


Since no health supplement has been crafted to perfection, Male Extra still does have its own share of cons, such as:

  • Compared to other health supplements in the market, Male Extra can be expensive, especially for guys who earn the average in a day.
  • Quick and noticeable results have a formula: Two pills of Male Extra in a day, taken before meals + a healthy diet + regular exercise.

Visit the Male Extra Official Site.


Male Extra is your number one ally in bed. You can definitely count on it when you feel tired or passive.

Just take three pills each day and notice the difference. You feel stronger, more capable, and more like a real lover. Both you and your partner will be satisfied with the impressive results of Male Extra.

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