Muscletronic Review – The Essential Guide

Muscletronic: Does It Work?

Muscletronic is a new product that has recently caught the attention of fitness buffs and newbies. Muscletronic prides itself as being the best thing that you can partner to a healthy diet and exercise, especially if what you are aiming for is muscle gain and fat loss.

There have been many muscle building supplements in the past which have promised that they give the best formula when it comes to helping people gain more muscle. However, a lot of them turn out to be fake or ineffective. So, is this product any different?

Here is a review of Muscletronic, a muscle gaining product that promotes itself to be the perfect partner of a bodybuilder.

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In its essence, Muscletronic is a muscle growth supplement and fat burner which contains nootropic compounds as well as cognitive boosters, together making up the perfect mix for a body-transforming formula that a bodybuilder would definitely appreciate.

Research has shown that the supplement works through the use of a multi-functionality and synergy combination.

This is not really that hard to comprehend as it is just basically about mixing up the best ingredients to target a specific goal, with each ingredient being capable of providing more than one intended result.

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Muscletronic, according to its own website, is designed to make improvements in the fat-to-muscle ratio in the body. Basically, the product aims to increase muscle mass while at the same time burn as much fat as possible and increase cognitive function.

Here are some of the more specific benefits of this product:

  • Increased power – This means that the muscles will be given more weight lifting power, which will help in increasing muscle mass.
  • Increased fat burning
  • Increased concentration, drive, and focus – Muscletronic also aims to improve cognitive function, which is the area of the brain responsible for focus and concentration.
  • Reduced stress and a better mood


Muscletronic contains the ingredients listed below.

Usually, people are advised to take four pills every day. This maximum dosage will provide you with this amount of ingredients in your body:

  • Alpha GPC – 150mg

This is a very powerful ingredient capable of increasing brain activity, specifically targeting the neurotransmitters in the brain which are responsible for the sending and receiving of messages throughout the body. Improving this part of the body will help in improving the neuromuscular connection, which in effect provides more force output during each gym repetition. This, in turn, translates into increased muscle mass. Alpha GPC is also responsible for increasing HGH or Human Growth Hormone levels, which helps with muscle, bone, and tissue recovery.

  • Golden Root (Rhodiola Rosea) – 300mg

This helps in reducing stress. It improves the L-Theanine levels in the body, which have a great effect on one’s mood as well as on one’s capability to resist urges such as eating junk food.

  • Coleus Forskohlii – 500mg (assuming 10% Forskolin)

This acts as a fat burner as well as a mind booster. This also helps increase levels of testosterone in men, which leads to muscle mass increase. This also works in the same way as caffeine, which helps in keeping you awake and focused.

  • Other Ingredients: Alpha Lipoic Acid – 600mg; Caffeine – 300mg; L-Theanine – 300mg; Citrus Aurantium – 200mg (assuming 10% synephrine); Piperine – 12mg which helps in improving the way the body absorbs the ingredients, and Vitamin B Complex.

This is something that is not usually abundant in a typical Western diet. Taking enough B Vitamins will help improve metabolism and muscle gain.

Side Effects

Although Muscletronic has its own benefits, it also comes with its own drawbacks. It can be dangerous for some, especially those who have a threshold for stimulants. The packaging of the product contains instructions on how to take half doses just in case the full dosages prove to be too much.

If you are going to be taking this product, you also need to change some aspects of your lifestyle. For instance, you need to make sure that you avoid consuming food or beverages that contain caffeine since the product already contains a sufficient amount of caffeine for one day.

This product is also not advisable for pregnant or lactating women as well as people who have specific medical conditions and those who are taking other medications.

Visit the Official Muscletronic Website: Click Here

Muscletronic Review Conclusion

Overall, with all the benefits that this product can provide, it sure is effective, especially if you follow the plan that is listed on the packaging.

If you are a gym-goer, you will definitely appreciate what this product can give you.

Not only can it provide you with an opportunity to improve how your body absorbs nutrients to increase muscle mass, but it also helps in improving your focus on dieting and in gaining muscle, eliminating distractions such as junk food and such.

There is also no proof that the supplement has any dangerous effects on anyone who is allowed to take it for as long as the supplement is taken at the right dosages.