Niacin Max Review: Does It Really Work?


What Is Niacin Max?

Among the most potent niacin supplements available on the market today, NiacinMax is bio-structured and formulated scientifically to increase your HGH levels and oxygen flow significantly.

While many other similar supplements actually deliver merely 10-15% of their active ingredients into the bloodstream, Niacin Max directly delivers as much as 90% of pure niacin into your bloodstream.

This is as much as 45 times more than what the most other niacin supplements offer.

Simply put, Niacin Max is considerably more potent and effective compared to others in its category.

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By using Niacin Max, you can expect to experience a lot of benefits. Here are the key ones.

  • Improved Oxygen Flow and HGH Levels – With better oxygen flow to your brain, you can concentrate and focus better, and your reaction speed is enhanced for better and faster decision-making. On the other hand, improved HGH levels mean faster fat-burning, quicker recovery, and faster muscle development.
  • Increased Production of Red Blood Cells – The supplement helps improve your blood circulation, ensuring that the right amount of nutrients and oxygen will get to your muscles. This results in lower fatigue levels, more energy, and the ability to do more than usual.
  • Excellent Delivery System – NiacinMax comes in an easily dissolving strip infused with the revolutionary liposomal encapsulation technology for faster delivery of high dosage of pure niacin – 75 mg, to be precise – directly into the bloodstream.

These key benefits make Niacin Max probably the most powerful and fastest acting niacin supplement available on the market today. Read on to learn more.

How Niacin Max Works

Niacin Max is considered as an excellent pre-workout aid as it can help you reach your top physical performance. In supplement form, niacin is known to provide a significant boost in energy, and Niacin Max takes this function to entirely new levels.

The supplement comes in the form of a thin strip that dissolves easily in your mouth, making it a better alternative to most competing brands that are offered in pill form. Just one strip of Niacin Max performs better than 45 pieces of other products’ 100 mg pills.

Its innovative delivery system is what makes Niacin Max different from traditional niacin supplements. Other supplements, or those that come in powder, liquid, or pill form, are usually known for their poor bioavailability as they need to go through the entire digestive tract just to enter the bloodstream.

On the way to the final destination, however, the active ingredients are neutralized by digestive acids and fluids by as much as 90%. Thus, only around 10 to 15% reach the bloodstream and do what they are supposed to do.

This is one serious issue that doesn’t affect Niacin Max.

This is because the supplement doesn’t need to go through the entire digestive system just to deliver its niacin content. It releases niacin straight to your bloodstream. This way, you get the full 75mg of pure niacin in a matter of seconds from the time you put the strip under your tongue.

Pros and Cons

To better help you decide if the product is right for you, here are the pros and cons of Niacin Max. You can then decide if the advantages outweigh the minor disadvantages.


  • All-natural product
  • 45x more effective and powerful than pills and powders
  • Improves HGH and oxygen production
  • Comes with no known side effects
  • Enhances your strength, power, raw energy, and stamina
  • Available in strips that deliver the full niacin content to your bloodstream
  • Works great as a pre-workout supplement


Perhaps the only drawback to the excellent pre-workout supplement is what some people refer to as “niacin flush.” It is an uncomfortable experience characterized by some tingling sensations felt in the facial and neck areas, as well as skin reddening.

The side effects, however, last for only 10 minutes or a little more, and are actually signs that the supplement is working.

Niacin Max Ingredient

The supplement has only one ingredient. Niacin Max contains 75 mg of Vitamin B3 or niacin in pure form.

It is able to out-perform other products in its class because of the unique technology it uses. It is known as liposomal encapsulation. Combined with its superior delivery system, Niacin Max is able to deliver efficiency that is 45x more than other 100 mg vitamin B3 pill supplements.

To achieve fast and optimum results, however, you have to take the product exactly as recommended by the product’s makers.

Niacin Max Price

A 30-strip package of Niacin Max is available for only $39.99. To achieve the best results, you must try the product for a minimum of 3 months.

Visit the official product website to avail of discounts for volume purchases equivalent to 2 months’ worth of supplements or more. If you live anywhere in the world, shipping is fast and free.

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The makers of the product are confident enough about Niacin Max to offer it with a full money-back guarantee (less shipping).

Within 67 days after your purchase, and you feel that the product is not giving you the desired results, simply return the unused strips in original packaging. You will get your refund – no questions asked.

Where to Buy Niacin Max

At present, you can only purchase a genuine product from the official website.

While you may feel that you have limited options this way, this is actually a good thing since you are sure to receive only the real product. Buying from other online sources will put you at risk of being scammed or being sold inferior or fake products.

Are There Any Niacin Max Coupons or Deals?

At this time, the official website is offering a three months’ supply of Niacin Max for the price of two (only $79.99). You can also buy five months’ worth of product for the price of three (only $119.97).  In addition, shipping is free!

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Niacin Max Review Conclusion

With practically no risk on your part, there is no reason not to try Niacin Max. After all, it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

However, not too many buyers have resorted to this option simply because the product works.

Just a single strip of Niacin Max already provides the potency of 45 100 mg vitamin B3 pills. What can be a better deal than that?

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