PeniMaster PRO Review

Designed to improve the girth and length of the male member on a permanent basis, PeniMaster Pro is among the leading male enhancement products available on the market today.

Originating from Germany, the penis extender is proven effective in:

  • Providing harder and more powerful erections
  • Addressing erection problems
  • Adding inches to the length of the penis as well as enhancing its girth

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  • Proportionally increasing the penis length and girth
  • Frequent exercise using the device results in harder and stronger erections
  • Treatment for premature ejaculation
  • Effective treatment for penile curvature or Peyronie’s disease
  • Helps avert penis shortening that is usually caused by weight gain
  • Patented and certified as safe to use in various countries
  • Treats erection problems as it boosts male libido, especially in elder men
  • The product engineers made sure that the product is 100% comfortable to allow men to wear the device longer
  • PeniMaster website offers comprehensive product information, allowing prospective users the chance to learn more about the product before buying


  • Initial use may cause some discomfort, but this is understandable since the penis is among the male body’s most sensitive parts
  • It costs a bit more compared to other similar products
  • The manufacturer’s website is haphazardly done and difficult to browse; new users will likely get confused because of the poor website layout.

How Does It Work?

Penimaster PRO Review

The device is a typical male enhancement device which means you need to attach it to your dick to achieve the desired results.

However, this product is unique in the sense that it comes with some features that are not found in other products in its class. This will later be discussed when the topic of the benefits of the product is covered.

The device uses simple principles of physics.  Slight pressure is applied to the male member for set time periods.

Aside from helping the penis grow in both length and girth, penile curvature, if present, is also fixed. Similar to how braces work, the device coaxes the penis into doing what the user wants to achieve through persistent but gentle pressure.

The device has a chamber where you insert your penis. A ball pump is then attached and it is squeezed to generate a vacuum in the chamber that in turn, generates the required pressure.

The penile muscles are stretched and kept in position. With repetition, the process of stretching the penis will eventually make it longer.

If you are not keen on using the ball pump, you can opt to do it manually. You can do this by sucking on the included attachment to create a vacuum.

Although this may look awkward for most guys, it actually creates more pressure than what the ball pump provides.

Discreet Shipping

The manufacturers know that male enhancement is a touchy issue for some men. Thus, to keep you away from embarrassment, the product is shipped in a discreet box directly to your indicated delivery address – with no markings whatsoever that may give a clue on the contents of the box. Likewise, if you pay via credit card, your billing will not indicate the specifics of your purchase.


While most other penis enlargement devices can offer a product warranty of 1 year, the manufacturers of PeniMaster Pro are so confident about the performance of their product that they are generously offering an extensive three-year warranty!

This makes PeniMaster the logical choice over the long term.

If you find any defective parts in the device, even 3 years after the date of your purchase, you will get a replacement without any cost to you.

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Where to Buy

The product is only available online at the product’s official website.

While you may find other vendors, both online and offline that claim to offer the product, chances are their products are not genuine. To make sure that you get only the true product, place your order only on the official website.

PeniMaster Pro Bonuses, Discounts, or Coupons

The website may offer discounts and bonus gifts from time to time, so you may want to check them out. Other than that, you will probably not find any coupons from other websites that you can use to purchase the product.

Likewise, although they are all important for efficient use of the product, you may consider the accessories that come with the extender as bonuses and gifts since they are not part of the device itself.

PeniMaster® PRO Review: Final Verdict

Overall, PeniMaster Pro is a superior male enhancement device. It is what you need if you want a product that has been proven effective and has remained among the top products in its niche for a long time.

You cannot find a lot of products on the market today that can deliver the same benefits that PeniMaster has done.

The fact that it is made with the precision that Germany is known for, is an indication of the quality of the male extender. The 3-year warranty should seal the deal.

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PeniMaster PRO

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